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The peel never ceases - Writing about Mohab Art.

The peel never ceases, written by: Mohamed AL Mazroui - Visual artist, poet, and writer.

Facts are the indelible elements of life. And Mohab Abed Elghaffar, as he cradles his cheeks in his palms, sifts through the maze of thoughts in deft contemplation.

Such mental disposition would mean dispensing with the material aspects of art in favour of its arcane dimensions, where the core issues transgress the levels of exisitentialism, from the very conceptual stage. The work of art, however, can find meaningful focus in the mental eye, sans material presence.

The difference between one theory and another revolves round the threshold of comprehension of any work of art, where the threshold in itself personifies the work of art.

For Mohab, experimentation is not an end in itself, as from his early days of childhood he has tirelessly contemplated on the way of living and the meaning of existence in this world.

I deem Mobah fortunate, as he is the son of Alexandria, his genesis traced to the mythological master of the sea. This is not because the sea is an enigma bound between its shores, but because it is not a sea in the social interpretation. It is rather a despite nomenclature that would come to mean:

- What if life is a subjective experience with no relation to the actual happenings.

- What if art is merely a delusion that annihilates both the living and the dead, the writer and the reader, the maker and the viewer- in short the cause the effect.  

Anyhow, that is what an authority does inadvertently, bearing the heavy dose of responsibility. What must an artist then do?

Mohab, and here I refer to his intellectual work٬ that always construes an idea that constrains, shackles or buries communication between the work of art and existence, through man, nature, and the mysterious expanse of the cosmos.

Hence, the sources he relies on to create a work of art are real although always conspicuous by their absence.  Sometimes, these rigid sources rigidly bonded when he talks about the sub-conscious knowledge of the world by blending together two artistic geniuses- Michael Angelo and the scaled walls of an old house.

Mysticism (Sufism) is originally an attempt to forge unity and graphics is an art endwoed with ability that was previously missing.  Mohab knows art primarily through his study of graphics. He was astonished particularly by the internal structure of creations like plants, stones, clouds, insects etc.; as if the spirit was really visible and we need only to open our inner selves, and consequently the inner life of anything in order to see and learn the lesson: the external form of anything is merely the first peel.

As a graphic artist, you have only the peel, and the peel never ceases.  Even if you reach the essence or the core, you are obliged to go on peeling off until the angible material exhausts.  Thereafter, you begin handling the intangible material, which upon depletion, remains for the peeling off exercise to continue. At this point, the exclusivity of an artist finds expression…٫I believes that Mohab aspires to acuire the attributes of substantive and spiritual art in its myriad forms.

Finally, works of art are subject to interminable and inextricable relations between the artist and the public at large. And between the two is the raw subject matter that has been transformed from one entity to another, say X to Y, for instance, so that the fallibility of the work is complete.  In act, a work of art is the most tormenting crimes in existence. It is synonymous with love- the tissue of the thin grains of rose petals when they bask in the sunlight emanating from the heart.