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Mohab Biography

Mohab Abdelghaffar - Born in Alexandria, Egypt.

Studied printmaking at the Faculty of Fin Arts, Alexandria University. 

During the years of his study, he was particularly preoccupied with the fundamental question of the artist’s interpretation of nature and how the artist can forge its complex elements into a personal style that emphasizes the essential visual building blocks of an object and the degree of abstraction needed to reveal its inner structure.

During the years that followed his university studies, he continued to struggle with the philosophical question of objective reality versus a subjective work of art that carries the personal inclination of the artist.

Mohab’s style moved progressively towards abstraction and non-objective art as he realized that the medium he uses to create his artwork dictates the final visual outcome as if the materials on the work surface have become the concrete embodiment of the work itself.

Years later, after the period of abstraction and non-objective work and as a result of numerous trips to the sites of ancient Egyptian art and architecture, Mohab’s vision of his work was deeply influenced by the spirit and originality of that art. He found in the ancient art a wealth of spiritual and visual achievements to draw upon while in the meantime, injecting modernist devices of his own.

From 2004 until the present, Mohab has been striving to create a fusion between his modern abstract approach and the originality and symbolism of the ancient Egyptian civilization.