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Introduction of my exhibition 2010


The form to be reflected in his energy... And heart


We can see the contact of ancient civilizations with the formulas of their artistic forms and masses, not only through the presence of those formulas and forms for ages, but through the full access to the performance in order to make the mass and form formula as it is. From here we can understand that a deep part of their lives was functioning through these components, not as a formulation of an aesthetic subject as much as it is a vital source to the existence.

Thus, the more is the complex part in the social classifications, the less is the presence of form in a needed space for life.

The succession of forming over the last century, which was concerned about bringing out the form from the purpose, and replacing the aesthetic component in it (I mean in itself), is clear for us now in the premature attempts of consciousness concerning the form transformations, by taking it out of the logic of visual pleasure of simulation to the depth and most distinguished optical burst, coinciding with the birth of photography and animated forms.

From here the visual arts researches , has become more structural, since it will not face the technical execution of the visual subject as a denial presence, as much as a component of the way of thinking in the form and to reproduce it through the variables that constitute the new awareness visual.

Therefore, the placid presence of the visual subject, which I intend to in my research is the essence of this communication, which would bring to the forms a presence within the space of life, not in addition to, but in confirmation of the purity of the rhythm at every moment, which made my retirement away from the flat surfaces, lies in my quest to centralize the form in the energy of its interaction with our presence.

Am I allowed to ask about: the first form of the universe... The first journey of water… The conscious & unaware creation energy... The possibilities of juxtaposition and disappearing?

And how energy is made up of great pain? Or how to generate a tree?

Mohab AbdelGhaffar